Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Free source code editor with support for C++, C#, Python, PHP, and Go
MVSC v1.60
22 Sep 2021
MVSC v1.9
2 Feb 2017
MVSC v1.8
15 Dec 2016
MVSC v1.6
12 Oct 2016
MVSC v1.4
5 Aug 2016
MVSC v1.2
6 Jun 2016
Editorial review
MVSC v1.0
15 Apr 2016
MVSC v0.8
15 Sep 2015

What's new

v1.9 [2 Feb 2017]
New Welcome page - Whether you are a new or returning user, the Welcome page helps get you started quickly.
Interactive Playground - Try out VS Code's advanced editing features without creating files or a project.
Synchronized Markdown Preview - Coupled view of a Markdown preview and its editor.
Format on Paste - Format source code as soon as you bring it into your project.
Language specific settings - Customize your settings for specific languages.
TypeScript references CodeLens - VS Code ships with TypeScript 2.1.5 and now includes References CodeLens.
Single file debugging - Debug without a configuration file to enable quick debugging of single files.
Inline variables display - See variable values inline while debugging.
Expanded Node.js debugging configurations - Easily debug Mocha tests, gulp tasks and even Yeoman generators.
Improved task running support - Run multiple commands from the same task.
Faster Integrated Terminal - We improved the integrated terminal's performance and Windows support.
Workbench - New settings to control new windows, improved Tabbed headings, Zen Mode customization.
Editor - Add keyboard shortcut keys for snippets, Go to Implementation, fast search navigation.
Languages - Emmet abbreviations from external files, HTML format settings, Markdown editing improvements.
Extensions - Create Extension Packs through the VS Code Yeoman generator.
Debugging - User level launch.json, copy callstack action.
Node.js Debugging - Just My Code improvements, restart support for launch configurations.
Extension Authoring - New insertSnippet API, openTextDocument can now take language.

v1.4 [5 Aug 2016]
Workbench: Editor actions such as Open Preview and Switch to Changes View are back on the title bar. IME and Copy/Paste support in the Integrated Terminal.
Editor: Better snippet and suggestions control. New Insert Snippet command with dedicated UI.
Debugging: Restart Frame action to rerun a specific stack frame. 'Variable paging' feature moved into VS Code and available to all debug extensions.
Extension Authoring: New 'move' commands to better support VIM gestures. Custom link behavior with the DocumentLinkProvider API. Expanded Debug Protocol.

v1.2 [6 Jun 2016]
- Multiline search - Search across files with regex multiline expressions.
- File icons in IntelliSense - Quickly distinguish file types in IntelliSense.
- Better macOS support - Full screen mode control and Mojave Dark Mode support.
- Collapsible stack frames - Collapse uninteresting stack frames to clearly see your code.
- Improved Loaded Scripts view - Displays related resources such as original source files.
- Updated extension samples - Uniform style and structure, README, and API usage.
- CI recipe for extensions - Azure Pipelines build recipe for extensions.
- Preview: List All References - List All References view shows reference search results.

v1.0 [15 Apr 2016]
May include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

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